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A blog? Really?

I subscribe to a couple of blogs - my daughter's and I also read my son-in-law's - and I find that blog posts reflect what's on the hearts of the writers, that they have passion for what they are writing about. While I don't feel that I have a passion for creating another item on my to do list, today I am feeling a passion about some things that are happening in the community where the church I serve is located. So I thought I would create this little blog on the church web site to express my thoughts on my experiences in growing my faith and experiencing God in Brookfield.

First, if you are wondering if that is my pooch in the picture I added, it is not. I have forgotten her name but not her expression as I was performing pet blessings two years ago at the Summer Fest celebration the church sponsors on the "Green" in Brookfield. As I asked the Holy Spirit to bless her with good health, safety and love she looked up as if to say "thank you, I needed that!" Not that her owner was not already taking good care of her - we all can use a blessing every now and then!

I have been blessed to perform pet blessings at Summer Fest for six years and I can't tell you how many fur babies, turtles, hamsters and other animals I have had the privilege of being a conduit of God's love for. I don't know that the puppy in the picture knew exactly what was happening but I know she felt it. And the pet owners lined up to have their "family members" blessed seemed happy that God's attention and care was being requested for their loved ones.

One evening last week the leaders of our Summer Fest effort (TJ Mohney and Karen Saker) along with their lieutenants and workers, met to assess the outcomes and accomplishments of SF 2019. SF was launched several years ago as a fund raiser for the church to help support it's ministry efforts in the Brookfield area. It has evolved over the years as more of a community function and involves the township government, schools and businesses and many volunteers (I prefer to call them servants!). As the results,comments and critiques poured out I reflected on all the meetings, work, funds and especially communication that had to happen for Summer Fest to be. I heard how tired people were and thankful. Thankful for great weather (that we boldly pray for each year!), for people showing up, for people having a good time together, and for smiles.

As Summer Fest was drawing to a close, I was busy in the church information tent figuring out how to pack up things to go back to the church, when Joe Pinchot with "News on the Green" a great community newspaper in Brookfield (and supporter of SF), came over and began asking me how I thought things went. Always eager, of course, to talk about church activities, I recalled the people, effort, community support, and events that took place. And as I got through the list, I told Joe that how wonderful it was, in today's world, to see and experience smiles, fun, laughter and each other for two days. To not be engulfed by the things that will keep us apart - hate, crime, fear, polarization, greed, bigotry, suffering etc.etc.

Although we did not hear the name of Jesus spoken frequently, it was his light, his love that shone on the Green for two days. And even though we might not have thought of it, caught up in the work and activities as we were, it still happened. He worked through his people to make it happen. I told Joe it seemed to be a lot of work but it was worth it. Especially if it helps us see that community can be like that - and why not more than two days a year?

Thanks for your time - I hope I was able to convey some of my "passion" about ministry in Brookfield. And how God prompts us and uses us for his purposes - even when we don't realize it. And how he sets us up for taking next steps. He is always working with us.


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