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Brookfield Schools Backpack Food Program 

The church provides work and stocking space for providing Brookfield elementary school kids in need with food for the weekends when they cannot receive school meals. Church members also provide receiving and packing labor for the food. Volunteers pick up the bags of food and transport it to the school where it is placed in the kids' backpacks. The church and individual members also support the program by paying for the yearly cost associated with some of the children.

 We are serving 50 kids a week!

Back pack food packing day - thanks to Brookfield schools teachers, administrators, staff and board members helping bag back pack food for elementary kids. We are sending 50 week end meals a week to the school.

It's back pack food packing time! After a shipment is received food items are packed into 200-250 bags (month) for delivery to the school on a weekly basis.

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